Saturday, November 6, 2010

The purchase made, the fruits are to ensue;

I did something with The List today that I haven't ever done before; I purchased one of the books.  I had been doing some spring cleaning at home (in fall), and was looking over my bookshelves when I noticed such classic titles as Leonard Maltin's 2001 Guide to the Movies and Golf Jokes.  While the former was replaced by the Internet in 2001, the latter has been replaced by...well...anything.  I think the only funny part of that book was the look of dismay on my face when I pulled it out of a Christmas stocking fifteen years ago.

I gathered up about ten books that I probably hadn't touched in five years and would never touch again and ventured down to a used bookshop near my house.  I had planned ahead, and arrived at the store with not only my used books (well, one of them wasn't used, it was a textbook from my first-year statistics class), but also a list of three books that are not available from the Calgary Public Library.  These are Dog Soldiers, Loving, and A Death in the Family.  They had the last one in stock, in good condition for $8.50.  I headed back to the counter to see how much I would profit from my literary gems, only to hear they would only take two books (Golf Jokes wasn't one of them), and give me six dollars in store credit.

So, it has cost me $2.50 to acquire my first book from The List.  I think I'll add that to my fine total, in a sub category, so I can arrive at a total cost for reading 100 novels.

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