Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Virtuous and holy; chosen from above,

I`ve chosen Snow Crash as my 23rd book from The List.  I was conflicted in choosing my next read.  I`ve wanted to try and get through 25 books within a year of first starting this list, and I`ve only three weeks to read the last three books.  My first thought was that to do this, I`d need to read some shorter books, and, let`s say, easier books.  A couple of my current checkouts would fit nicely into this list, especially Animal Farm and Lolita.  Both are short, I have a vague idea of the plot line of both, and both are regarded as classics, so I`ve no doubt I`ll enjoy them.

But the other four books I have checked out are...quite large.  There`s Infinite Jest at a hefty 980 pages, and Gone with the Wind at 998 pages.  There's really no way I could finish either of these in enough time to finish 25 books within one year of starting.

As I leaned toward one of the shorter selections, something hit me.  If I continue to read only the shorter books, I`ll run into a problem later on, when I have only lengthy books remaining.  I don`t want to find myself trying to get to fifty next October, or worse, trying to get to 100, and having seven thousand-page behemoths left.

As a compromise, I`ve gone with Snow Crash, which clocks in at 470 pages.  Not the longest book out there by any means, but it is Sci-Fi, which I`m not a big fan of.  That'll likely slow down my progress a little.  Hopefully not too much though, I have only two weeks to read three books.'s not looking good.

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