Monday, June 13, 2016

Selecting Number Eighty-Four

I have started number 84 of the list, An American Tragedy. I didn't start it right away, because, to be honest, it took me a few days to decide what to read next. This was a fairly easy task when I had 65 book left to ready, but as I'm now down to only 17, the choice becomes a little more complicated.

First off, I need to have the book, which isn't too bad, as I own 13 of the remaining 17. And, I did manage to plan ahead on the other four, and had them all checked out from the library. So, really, I had all 17 book sitting on my bookshelf. Wanting to save the 13 I own for last, I only needed to decide between An American Tragedy, A Clockwork Orange, Lord of the Flies, and Watchmen.

Next, I also need to keep in mind the...what's the word...the heftiness of the book. Of the 17 remaining, the ones that might be the most daunting in my mind are An American Tragedy, A Dance to the Music of Time, and At Swim-Two Birds (the first two because they have a lot of pages, and the other for no reason other than it strikes me as one that might take awhile).

Since there is only one lengthy one left of the four I need to get from the library, I figure I'll start with that, leaving me three books I'm anticipating will go by quite quickly. An American Tragedy, at 850 plus pages, is longer than the other three combined, by several hundred pages.

So I guess the decision ended up being a fairly easy one. But I still hemmed and hawed. I also read a couple of other books too, which might have also delayed the process.

My aim is to finish An American Tragedy sometime before July 7th, leaving me the summer to read the other three. If all goes as planned, I could find myself with only fourteen books to read come September.

Wish me luck!