Monday, June 15, 2015

Different Books, Same Design

Well, I'm on the homestretch with Gravity's Rainbow. Really, I am. With only 47 pages to go, I should finish it in the next couple of days. Actually, it's a nice night out, maybe I'll sit on the patio and finish it right now. I can smell the freedom already!

But before I do that, I thought I would share some more book covers with you. Many times I've found the same photo on two different books (three different books on one occasion!), but yesterday I found something new.

These are two very different books; one is a novel by Martin Amis (who wrote my 55th read from the list) and one is a political book about how Stephen Harper is evil. I read Lionel Asbo: State of England a couple of years ago when he was appearing at WordFest, so I was familiar with the cover. When I came across the 2nd book at the library, looking for something else, it jumped out at me.

Now obviously they aren't the exact same covers, but their designs are eerily similar; they share a colour scheme, similar fonts, similar use of underlined text, and a similar compartmentalized design.

My first thought was that they must be designed by the same person, but no, the Asbo cover was designed by Peter Mendelsund and the Harper cover by David Gee. A quick look at their respective websites reveals that Mendelsund has designed over 600 covers, while Davide Gee is a  Canadian designer who "doesn't do this for a living."

The Mendelsund cover was out first, in 2012 versus 2015 for Gee, and my gut tells me it must have slipped into Gee's subconscious. Of course maybe they aren't as similar as I think they are? No, they are. It isn't just the front and back covers either; the flaps are the same too!

I suppose there are probably countless examples of books with similar designs, and I'm not suggesting that one copied the other. I just find it interesting to see something like this!

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