Monday, December 9, 2013

Returning from the Rich Coast

Well, I'm back from Costa Rica. Is there a better feeling than having breakfast with monkeys and iguanas in 30C heat, then dinner in -20C at a Wendy's drive-thru? (there's never anything to eat when you get back from vacation, and at 2 in the morning, there's nothing else opened!) Of course it always sucks coming back from vacation, regardless of where you've been, but such a huge temperature change seems to exacerbate the situation.

But, I digress, back to reading. I had planned to finish #69, Possession on the plane ride to Costa Rica, but since I was taking a red-eye to Toronto, then boarding a five hour flight to Liberia, I wasn't in the best reading mood. Quite frankly, I was too tired to read, so instead, I spent most of both flights drifting in and out of consciousness, never really asleep, but never really awake. However, although I didn't finish the book before getting to Costa Rica as planned, I did finish it the next day.

I'm still gathering my thoughts on it as I didn't really spend much of my vacation thinking about it. It was more one of those, "okay, it's done, let's move on" books, rather than a "wow, I need to discuss this with anybody who will listen" types. That doesn't necessarily mean it was a bad book, it's just that some books are more interesting to dissect than others.

Besides finishing Possession, I was also able to get some non-fiction reading done, as well as make a good dent in Philip Roth's second list book, American Pastoral. Hopefully a review for #70 can appear in the next week or so. As for my thoughts on Possession, I should be able to have something ready in the next two days.

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