Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beauty is bought by judgement of the eye,

While I mentioned a while back that I don't really have any interest in collecting books to fill a shelf in my home, I have nonetheless been slowly acquiring books from the list.

Every time I visit a used bookstore, in search of a couple of elusive titles (Loving by Henry Green), I naturally stumble across other books from the list. And often those books are pretty cheap, and as I result, I now own seven books from the list.

Three of the books are ones I've already read, Catch-22, The Catcher in the Rye, and Brideshead Revisited. The other four books are of course unread, and will almost certainly be saved until the end of this journey, as I'm guaranteed to have a copy available.

But seeing these seven books on my shelf often cause me to re-think my policy of not buying books. I'm really not into 'clutter' and I see books that I'll likely never read again, as clutter. But then I think of having all 100 books on a shelf, to sit and admire, and reflect on the journey that was reading through them. 

My first thought would be to have first editions of each but besides the difficulty in simply finding these, there would also be the extremely large financial road block, as it would likely cost several hundred thousand dollars! In reality, it would probably be neater to have the same editions I actually read. It would sort of be like a trophy case to a five year project.

Of course this means that I need a different copy of Brideshead Revisited, as the edition I purchased a few months ago, is not the same edition I read. So already I've a book that will need to be re-purchased. Hmmm...this might be quite difficult. And quite expensive.

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