Sunday, October 21, 2012

I shall continue thankful.

I haven't been able to post recently for one simple reason, I haven't been reading from the list. For the past several weeks, I've been rather pre-occupied with WordFest and my commitment to reading #61 has been spectacularly dismal.

It has continued however, and I am currently about a hundred pages into Lord of the Rings.  But really, that's pathetic progress considering I finished One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest  over a month ago.  And I'll admit that of those 100 pages, I read about 96 of them last night.  So basically, I took a month off from reading the list, but resumed my journey yesterday.  Hopefully I can continue on a good pace for the next couple of months, and get into the 70's before 2013.

But just because I haven't been reading from the list doesn't mean I haven't been reading. As part of my association with WordFest, I try and read as many books that will be appearing at the festival as possible.  This year included among others, Seen Reading by Julie Wilson, Cures for Hunger by Deni Bechard, and One Good Hustle by Billie Livingston.

Like reading from this list, my involvement with WordFest introduces me to a ton of new books and authors I might not otherwise be aware of.  Hearing authors read from and discuss their books is always very intriguing, as is actually meeting them.  As happened last year, my 'to read' list grew substantially longer.  But, I vow they'll stay on the "to read" list for quite some time, as for the foreseeable future I will be obediently reading #61 and beyond.

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