Monday, August 13, 2012

To give admittance to a thought of fear.

This weekend I passed the halfway mark of Revolutionary Road by Robert Yates.  While I am continuing to enjoy it, I still have a lingering fear.  Having been warned it was quite a depressing story, I am anticipating things taking a massive turn for the worse.  But so far, this hasn't happened.  In fact, it's quite the opposite, things seem to be getting better and better for our heroes, Frank and April Wheeler.

But as I have no reason to doubt my sources, I'm always have in the back of my mind this impending doom.  Knowing it has to happen eventually, my mind is racing to figure how things will turn, and where their downfall might be.

It also leaves me a bit nervous every time I pick the book up, making reading it sort of like watching a horror film.  You always know things aren't going to workout for the kids camping at an abandon summer camp, secluded in the woods, but you're never sure when or how the masked villain is going to make his appearance.

But until I hear the roar of the chainsaw, I'll do my best to imagine an ending where everything does work out.

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