Wednesday, August 17, 2011

But he's a learned man. may he continue

I think I learned something today.  Well, I think I probably learn something everyday, but today, I learned something about reading a list of 100 books.  When you talk on the radio each week about the books, it is much, much easier to talk about books you really like.

This morning I discussed one of my favorites so far, I, Claudius by Robert Graves.  Not only did I have a lot to say, but I could hear the excitement in my voice.  In reality, I could probably fill an hour talking about this book; there's so much to discuss.

Now through 42 books, there have only been a couple that I really didn't enjoy.  Most of the books have been, at worst, enjoyable reads.  But even an adequate book is often difficult to talk about, or at least difficult to be really enthusiastic about.  I guess it's sort of like a meal.  When you eat at a really good restaurant, every bite can be fantastic, always leaving you wanting more.  But when you eat at McDonalds, the food is adequate, but it doesn't give you the urge to write home and tell your folks about it.

When I talk about The Moviegoer or Appointment in Samarra, I have no problem at all with either book.  However, by no means am I over the moon, and hence I don't get all that excited.  Where a book like I, Claudius, I want to tell everybody about it, and recommend they read it as soon as possible.

So now I'm left to wonder.  Do I try and be more enthusiastic about these 'average' reads, or should I just be honest about my indifference?  I suppose honesty is always the best option, but enthusiasm probably makes for a better show.  Maybe the best idea is to read really good books, and this problem will take care of itself.

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