Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Time's thievish progress to eternity.

I guess it's time for a little (how ironic) update on Infinite Jest. As of this moment in time, I am 33.27% finished. Which means, I am on page 358 of 1076 pages. While it doesn't seem like much, I have made may way through a fair chunk, and I've been progressing much better as of late.  Allow me to explain.  I had planned on reading 20 pages per day, which means that as of today, February 2, 2011, I should be on page 460.  So, that means I'm only 100 pages behind, or five days.  The good news is that the last week, on Thursday, I was 140 pages behind.  When I should have been on page 320, I was only at 180.  So that is progress.

Either way though, I still have over 700 pages to go.  To put that into perspective, the longest book I've read from The List so far was Midnight's Children at 589 pages.  So, I've got more than that to read, plus these pages are probably about 50% larger.  While it may seem like I'm being a Negative Nelly, I'm simply venting my frustrations at reading a book larger than most phone books.  I'm really staying quite upbeat about my progress or lack there of.

Back to reading now, and perhaps I can get within 80 pages of my pace today.  Okay, maybe 90 pages.

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