Sunday, October 24, 2010

Might have found easy fines: but there to end

I had to go to the library today to return a book.  Yesterday, I had gone on-line to renew all the books I currently had out, but ran into two problems.  Firstly, Portney's Complaint had been put on hold, so I couldn't renew it.  That makes it the second book I've borrowed from the library and not read, after All the King's Men, which was also put on hold before I could read it.  My second problem was I missed renewing one of the books on time.  It's no mystery how this happened either, as I've been borrowing so many books at one time, and until today had six checked out, it was only a matter of time that I'd forget to renew one  on time.  If you recall, on October 1st, I had written about this very problem:
"As an aside, while at the Central library, I picked up a bunch of books, as my local branch doesn't have near the selection. I already had Housekeeping (which I'm reading), Deliverance (which I had delivered to my local branch), and Gravity's Rainbow (which I'm delaying, because I'm intimidated by its' 750 pages). I've now added Portnoy's Complaint, Herzog, Ragtime, Snow Crash, and On the Road to my loan collection.  My thought was they can be renewed several times and they can be returned to any branch, so while I'm downtown, why not grab a bunch...just in case. Only time will tell if this is a move so shrewd it's worthy of an Arab spice trader, or if this is a quick path to increasing my fine total."
Apparently I'm no Arab spice trader, as I had forgotten to renew Gravity's Rainbow, which has now incurred $2.10 in fines for being seven days overdue, bringing my fine total to $10.15  This was the first time I've incurred a fine on a book I have not read or even started to read.  To be honest, I had a feeling this would happen at some point, and I'm sure it will happen again as well.

While returnning Portney's Complaint and Ragtime, I grabbed a few more books; Infinte Jest, Gone with the Wind, Lolita and Animal Farm.  As it stand right now, save the books I have already read, I have every single book on The List from my local library branch and a total of 8 books right now.  The only question now is, which one will I incur fines on next!?

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