Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hold, sir, for god's sake!

Alright, I hit a bit of a snag today. I haven't been able to do any reading in the past five days, as I've been out of town. I realize it's possible to read out of town, but I just wasn't to get any done this particular weekend.

Anyway, back to my snag, my copy of Midnight's Children was due back at the library today. However, when I went on-line to renew, I learned somebody has put it on hold. This means I can't renew it. I still have around 200 pages left, so I'm left with a dilemma. Either return it, put it on hold again myself, and resume my reading three weeks from now, or keep racking up fines at $0.35 per day. Sure, it isn't a lot of money, but the way I read, it could add up pretty quickly.

I think I'll try to do some career reading tomorrow, and maybe finish it off by Friday. That'll only cost me a couple of bucks. I can deal with that.

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