Saturday, May 8, 2010

And after one more hour, 'twill be eleven

I've started my eleventh book on the list. After finishing Tropic of Cancer, I've moved onto another book of which I know little about; Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie. As I mentioned earlier, Rushdie is the only thing I know about this book. I know he had a fatwa put out on him for his novel The Stanic Verses, and I recall hearing on Weekend Update many years ago, that he was also in trouble for another novel, Buddha, You Fat Bastard, but I'm not sure if that's legit or not.

So onto the eleventh book, a little less than six months into my journey. I guess at this rate, I'll finish in five years. At first thought, that seems a long, long time to be reading one list of books. But, then I remind myself that I probably haven't read 100 novels in my entire life, so it isn't as if I should be finished this list in a few months or something. And at the end, maybe I'll have something I can be proud of. Then again, maybe it'll be something like having the world's record for the longest time on a unicycle. I may be proud of it, but most people will think it a little ridiculous.

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